About Technical Business Partners

PART TWO: We not only increased what we offered our clients, but we outgrew our facility yet again.

In June of 1999, we moved to our current 2600 square foot location. The additional room permitted office spaces and the addition of a dedicated lab for preparation and integration of new computers and networks.

We also established a hands-on training and demonstration facility to showcase the software products our clients and prospects were using and evaluating. The training room uses a Windows-based terminal (thin client) environment to permit individual viewing of trainer movements in addition to a separate session for the trainees.

One of the continual underlying factors with our company is our ability to constantly change to meet the needs of our clients. We evaluate our service and product offerings on a periodic basis. Over the years, we have added as well as discontinued solutions based on our abilities to provide efficient and effective products for our client 'partners.'

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