Products We Offer and Support

We have selected to represent products that offer the tools your company needs to automate and streamline your business processes.

Accounting Software
  • • Microsoft Business Solutions—Great Plains

    Microsoft Business Solutions—Great Plains offers an integrated solution that supports critical business processes and information management from small-sized businesses to mid-level enterprises. The superior integration to Microsoft Office Word and Excel and system-wide integration across applications helps you grow and manage your business processes for increased productivity and success.

    MBS—Great Plains provides the ability to design a solution that will work the way that you do business. The modular design provides the capacity for the program to grow as your company grows, both from a capacity and a process perspective.

  • • Microsoft Business Solutions—Small Business Manager

    Microsoft Business Solutions—Small Business Manager offers a powerfully integrated product to manage all aspects of your business --- helping you increase productivity, serve customers more efficiently, and improve overall business performance. While providing needed financial management data, Small Business Manager integrates with Microsoft Office — including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, as well as with tools such as ODBC or Microsoft Visual Basic to enhance the functionality and provide flexibility in tailoring the software to your business operations.

    MBS—Small Business Manager provides a direct migration to MBS - Great Plains as your company expands and grows.

  • • Best Software: BusinessWorks Gold

    BusinessWorks Gold is an easy-to-use accounting solution designed for companies that have outgrown basic, 'off-the-shelf' accounting packages, like Peachtree and QuickBooks. BusinessWorks Gold offers features usually found in programs that cost thousands of dollars more. If you are seeking an accounting solution that provides enhanced reporting capabilities, ease-of-use, and the potential to grow with your business, then BusinessWorks Gold is the accounting software for you.

Network Software   (Security and Backup)
  • • Computer Associates: eTrust

    CA's eTrust - Starting with eTrust Antivirus (formally Inoculate), all security products take a holistic approach to security, enabling businesses to quickly and effectively embrace new opportunities, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and proactively manage security threats and risks to its physical access and IT security. CA's eTrust products are grouped into three solution areas, eTrust Identity Management, eTrust Access Management and eTrust Threat Management. All are brought together with unified visualization through eTrust Security Command Center helping organizations take control of security.

  • • Computer Associates: BrightStor

    CA's BrightStor - Starting with BrightStor ARCserve Backup, all storage products empower businesses to manage all company data storage from a single point, optimally manage its exponential growth while ensuring its continuous availability and integrity, maximize existing IT and storage resources, and integrate different hardware and software platforms. CA's BrightStor products are grouped into five solution areas, BrightStor Data Availability, BrightStor Enterprise Storage Automation, BrightStor Media Management, BrightStor SAN and NAS Storage Management, and BrightStor Storage Resource Management.